According to Small Business Majority, a national small business advocacy organization, “Small businesses aren’t simply the backbone of the American economy; they are its foundation.” Remarking that, “entrepreneurship is essential to ensuring an economy that benefits all Americans,” the organization has emphasized the important role that infrastructure systems play in ensuring an environment where small businesses can thrive —“infrastructure is critical to driving business growth, entrepreneurship and job creation.”

Noting that Congress and the new administration must focus on policies that ensure the wellbeing of America’s small businesses, the group wants “infrastructure that provides a foundation for small business success.”

The advocacy group states, “Investment in our nation’s infrastructure is an investment in America, pure and simple, creating tremendous opportunities for small businesses. Nearly 25% of our country’s 605,000 bridges are failing, one-third of America’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition and much of rural America lacks crucial access to broadband technology.”

Small Business Majority recently published its Policy Agenda on Infrastructure: “Infrastructure is critical to driving business growth, entrepreneurship and job creation … investing in the nation’s roads, bridges and other physical infrastructure supports access to customers and suppliers, enhances business operations, and creates demand for the goods and services small businesses have to sell.”

Polling by the group indicates that, “more than three-quarters of small business owners oppose reductions in government infrastructure funding.” To that end, the group notes that we must have a national infrastructure investment strategy that includes creating a sustainable infrastructure financing entity to drive continued investment from the public and private sectors into the nation’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure — plus the reauthorization of long-term funding for the Highway Trust Fund.

Source: Small Business Majority Policy Agenda, April 1, 2017