Prop 69 prevents the Legislature from diverting new transportation revenues for non-transportation purposes.

SACRAMENTO – The Los Angeles Times today endorsed Proposition 69, the June 2018 ballot measure that would prevent the Legislature from redirecting transportation funds from SB 1—the Road Repair and Accountability Act—for other purposes. Prop 69 would guarantee these recently-enacted transportation revenues are dedicated to transportation improvement purposes only.

The LA Times join the Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, East Bay Times, Palm Springs Desert SunSanta Rosa Press Democrat, Monterey Herald and Santa Cruz Sentinel in supporting Prop 69. Read them all here.

Here are some excerpts from The Times’ editorial, “Proposition 69 would put California’s transportation funds in a lockbox. Vote yes

  • “To win support from tax-wary Republicans, proponents of the legislation (Senate Bill 1) promised that the new money would be used only for transportation.”
  • “Proposition 69 would fulfill that promise. Voters should hold lawmakers to their word and pass it.”
  • “The measure would require that the new revenue go into special accounts that could be spent exclusively on transportation.”
  • “The more dollars that get diverted to other needs, the greater the backlog of road and bridge repairs.”
  • “California leaders have wisely decided to invest again in building and maintaining the state’s transportation infrastructure. Proposition 69 will help ensure the work gets done.”