Interview with Steve Samuelian, California Consulting

On August 4th, I had the pleasure of meeting (via Zoom) with Steve Samuelian,California Consulting, to discuss some amazing grant opportunities.

Owner of California Consulting, Inc., California’s largest grant writing organization,Steve and his team of professional grant writers have written and funded more than one thousand competitive grant applications that have generated nearly $1.5 billion. Steve is proud to say that California Consulting is the fastest growing, and largest company of its kind in the State.

In 2019, Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ), in partnership with California Consulting, Inc., started providing a grant writing service.  SCPFJ fully funds this program from grant research to final paperwork submittal.

SCPFJ is dedicated to adhering to the Mission State set forth since their 2015 inception:

“…. to advocate for responsible infrastructure funding that will in turn create thousands of career construction jobs in our communities, and to educate our elected officials, while engaging the public throughout Southern California”

SCPFJ understands that 2020 has been a very “trying” year for everyone.  Therefore, they are dedicated to not only bringing an awareness of funding opportunities, but also paying for these highly competitive grant submittals which are being processed by a professional grant writer.

The following is an in-depth description of Grants being offered by California Consulting.


(Q) – Steve, can you explain to our readers, in detail, how the ATP (ActiveTransportation Program) grant can benefit our Cities and School Districts?
(A) – Sure. Thanks Marci. We enjoy working with SCPFJ.  ATP is an excellent grant opportunity for cities and school districts. ATP comes with no matching requirement and can fund up to $8 million+ for major infrastructure and public works projects. Our grant writers have written many ATP applications that have been awarded to fund items such as flashing cross walks, flashing stop signs, bike lanes, traffic signals and other items. ATP is one of the best public works grants available and although it is highly competitive our grant writers have developed an expertise in writing ATP applications for cities and school districts. ATP is very broad so in addition to the examples I cited there are many other items ATP can fund. ATP is due Sept. 15, 2020 so time is of the essence.
(Q) – Yesterday in our discussion, you also spoke about a multi-million-dollar Public Works Grant, HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Program).  What do our readers need to know about applying for this very popular grant opportunity?
(A) – HSIP is a very popular public works grant.  HSIP can fund many infrastructure project for everything from a state highway project or a local road and streets project. Our grant writers write HSIP for our city and county clients every year and we have had significant success. HSIP is very competitive and the due date is Sept. 4, 2020.  Every city and county in California should be seriously considering applying for an HSIP grant.
(Q) – Lastly, one of the newest grants we discussed was the COVID-19 FEMA Grant.  Can you please explain how this particular Grant is funded?
(A) – Yes, FEMA recently released a special covid19 reimbursement grant. The grant is administered in California via Cal-OES and our grant writers our writing many of these applications. Basically, this program will reimburse cities, counties, school districts, colleges, special districts, and other public agencies for their covid19 related expenses. For example if a public agency spent money to purchase gloves, hand sanitizing stations, and masks all of those items are eligible for reimbursement. One of the unique items of this grant is that staff overtime for covid19 is eligible for funding. Our grant writing team is very busy writing these applications.  Although there is no due date we are encouraging applicants to act swiftly and submit applications ASAP.



You can view ATP and HSIP grants recently awarded by California Consuting here.

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