Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) represents California’s 56th Assembly District. Elected in 2014, Garcia is the chair of the Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee. In this capacity he oversees some of the state’s most pressing issues, such as drought conditions and the implementation of the multi-billion dollar Proposition 1, Water Bond.  Garcia also serves on the Assembly Committees on Appropriations, Communications and Conveyance, Governmental Organization, and Utilities and Energy.

He supports SB 1 which was created so the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program will address deferred maintenance on the state highway system and the local street and road system. The bill requires the California Transportation Commission to adopt performance criteria, consistent with a specified asset management plan, to ensure efficient use of certain funds available for the program.

Garcia is also dedicated to small business in California. The introduction of the Homemade Food Legislation Act (AB 626), which would permit the sale of prepared meals and other foods from small-scale home kitchen operations, was brought forth by Garcia. He said that he hopes the bill can be an “important lever of economic empowerment for immigrant, minority, and other vulnerable communities.”

The Small Business Gender Discrimination Act, which works to protect the small business community from unwarranted discrimination lawsuits and allows them the opportunity rectify any violations, was also introduced by Garcia.

With the 2017 legislative session officially behind us, experts tallied legislative action for the year. Garcia was one of the more successful lawmakers with 13 bills signed into law, including SB 5, which he co-authored. It will bring $4 billion in long overdue investments into our state’s water, parks and recreational infrastructure. The Salton Sea remains one of the Assembly member’s top priorities. In his first term he was successful in securing $80.5 million in the State Budget to fund Salton Sea restoration and mitigation projects; such as dust suppression, wetland and habitat recovery.  

Southern California Partnership for Jobs thanks Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia for his many efforts and for focusing on issues that ultimately lead to economic growth, employment opportunities and a better California.