Measure would constitutionally protect new transportation revenues from being diverted by the Legislature for non-transportation uses.

SACRAMENTO – The Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements, a broad-based group representing local government, business, labor, seniors, social justice advocates, community groups, public safety leaders, transportation advocates and taxpayers launched its campaign today in support of Prop 69 on the June 2018 California statewide ballot.

Prop 69 ensures existing transportation revenues we pay at the pump and when we register our vehicles can ONLY be used for road and transportation improvement projects.

The measure prohibits the Legislature from diverting these revenues for non-transportation purposes. In 2017, California passed Senate Bill 1, which provides more than $5 billion in new revenues to fund transportation improvements all over California. Prop 69 constitutionally protects the portion of these new revenues that aren’t already protected. It does not raise taxes.

Prop 69 requires transportation funds be spent on priorities like fixing local roads, highways, bridges and other transportation projects.

“Eight-nine percent of California counties have roads that are in poor or at-risk condition so improving the safety of our roads and bridges is mission critical for California,” said Robbie Hunter, President of the State Building & Construction Trades Council. “Prop 69 requires transportation funds be spent on priorities like fixing our local roads and state highways, retrofitting our bridges and overpasses and relieving traffic congestion.”

“Prop 69 promotes jobs and a stronger economy, said Michael Quigley, Executive Director of the California Alliance for Jobs. “Prop 69 will ensure the transportation revenues we are already paying can only be used for road safety and transportation improvement projects that will create or support over 680,000 jobs in the next 10 years and boost our economy by improving our transportation network.”

“Yes on Prop 69 protects transportation funds and benefits every California community,” said Matt Cate, Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties. “Prop 69 is a strong accountability measure that protects taxpayers by ensuring these vital transportation resources are not redirected so we can focus on improving the safety of California’s roads and modernizing our transportation infrastructure.”

“We are committed to working hard to pass Prop. 69 in June to prevent any diversions of transportation funds so voters have the assurance that all new revenues will be used only for transportation, and go directly to improving their streets and roads,” said Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director, League of California Cities.

The Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements will educate voters in coming months about the importance of supporting Prop 69. More information can be found at For the latest on Prop 69, follow our Facebook and Twitter channels.

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