There have been many exciting changes recently at the former Southern California Partnership for Jobs (SCPFJ). These major changes were unveiled over the last few weeks including rebranding to Rebuild SoCal Partnership (RSCP) and the launch of a brand-new podcast named the Rebuild SoCal Zone. 

These changes are designed to introduce RSCP to an ever-widening audience and reach people where they are obtaining their news in ever-growing numbers. 

Rebuild SoCal Website – Rebuild SoCal Partnership has officially migrated their website to The updated website consists of many exciting features including RSCP’s award-winning SB1 video docuseries and an entirely new section which includes a comprehensive list of infrastructure projects in various categories throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego counties and more.

Rebuild SoCal Partnership Logo – Rebuild SoCal has redesigned their logo to coincide with their new name while incorporating the distinctive orange PMS color and name which was a hallmark of their previous logo. The new logo incorporates the Partnership moniker which was so integral to their old name while adding a sense of modernity. 

Rebuild SoCal Zone Podcast – Rebuild SoCal Partnership has launched their first ever podcast.

“We designed the Podcast to fulfill our mission,” stated RSCP Executive Director, John Hakel, “Our podcast is the perfect way to keep educating the public and public officials on the need for responsible infrastructure spending.” 

RSCP debuted their podcast, The Rebuild SoCal Zone, on October 7.  The podcast will cover all things infrastructure and construction related.

“We felt it was time for a new look to reflect our growth,” said Rebuild SoCal Partnership Executive Director, John Hakel. “Rebuild SoCal matches the Partnership motto which is, ‘Infrastructure is Essential.’” 

The Rebuild SoCal Zone will be available once a month at the outset. Each episode will be moderated by Rebuild SoCal Partnership Executive Director, John Hakel. 

The first guest for the Rebuild SoCal Zone podcast was Dr. Chris Thornberg, founder of Beacon Economics. Future episodes will have additional interviews with leaders in construction and economics. 

One of the key components of this Podcast is to educate the public on the need for infrastructure and construction spending and to highlight projects within Southern California that will help improve their lives as we all gradually go back to work and begin hitting the roads again. 

The Rebuild SoCal Zone will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other platforms where podcasts are available. 


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Source: Rebuild SoCal Partnership