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Housing opportunities, transportation policies, and other aspirations are being put into action within San Diego County

We’re excited to announce that this week’s episode of the Rebuild SoCal Zone Podcast features San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher! Supervisor Fletcher has been leading the Fourth District since 2018 and putting infrastructure, transportation, families, and the environment at the forefront of his work.

As Supervisor Fletcher shared on the podcast, “infrastructure is more than just a dollar amount into building something that someone may or may not see. It really is the foundation we build.”

“The need today is not just to repair and upgrade our infrastructure that\’s been neglected for decades… the need for good middle-class jobs,” continued Supervisor Fletcher. “I really want us to push and lean into the notion that transit connects us.”

Supervisor Fletcher discussed San Diego’s investment in transit and ways MTS is adapting to structural changes resulting from COVID-19, including where people are going, how they get there, and how many days a week they go to work in order to increase ridership.

And on San Diego’s investments in water? During the episode, Supervisor Fletcher reiterates that the “vast majority of the rain and snow that falls in the state of California flows right out into the ocean. It’s perplexing.” He continues, making a point that we think everyone can agree on: “Clean water is important. Clean beaches are important. Clean bays are important…we\’ve got to invest in treating our water and stormwater runoff because it is an important critical component of our quality life.”

Rebuild SoCal Partnership looks forward to supporting infrastructure investment in the San Diego region. Tune in to hear more about the importance of infrastructure and the Supervisor’s future goals for San Diego County!

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